Reaching too far for chuckles

JUST A HEADS UP: If you are very word-sensitive, I doubt this will be of your liking. 

Before the weekend came to a close, me and one of my roommates decided it was dope to film some stuff late/early in the night/morning around our black. Due to it being a spur-of-the-moment activity, let’s just say the sun wasn’t expected to be up anytime soon. Things that were involved with the development of the video included me wearing a mask I purchased off via impulse the halloween before, and an African walking stick.

It sounds a tad bit sketchy, still with our horrible timing we were able to shoot without causing any sort of ruckus or paranoid onlookers. Probably due to everyone else who live there being asleep. To include it was around 40 degrees, so my roommate was wearing an extra-thick hoodie trying to avoid another fever from Hell.

After strolling around a few cul-de-sacs, we decided to head back to the crib to take some potentially fire footage in the backyard, one of my other roommates happened to be up engaging in some pretty intense online gaming. I’m gonna guess he saw a us walking towards the front porch from his window, so he opened it and yelped:

“What are you guys doing out there looking like a bunch of hoodrats?”

It might have seemed like a friendly term to him, but I found it to be offensive. I don’t understand why though! It made me think on what he else he blurts out when I’m not around. Being called out my name is one thing, yet to be dubbed as a “hoodrat” for comedic relief is not something I don’t intend to get used to. Of all the names he could have though of, “hoodrat” was the best possible thing to spurt out? I thought I had it bad about saying shit without thinking it all the way through, but his attempt for laughs was so trash it was tragic.
What makes a hoodrat though? Many of the definitions I stumbled across were not applicable to random clips of me walking around a neighborhood with a halloween mask and a christmas gift I usually keep hung on the wall (shouts out to moms) . Shit, the neighborhood where we rented out a house had Neighborhood Watch Signs and meeting posters near every other corner. Matter of fact, a majority of the explanations of the term sounded more like a misogynistic stereotype:
Exhibit A
Exhibit B (The “Top Definition”)
Exhibit C..I’m guessing in more simpler terms?
Eventually, I found one that applied to the way my roommate had used it:
After a brief Urban Dictionary crash course, if I am not one of “da niggaz” a “skanky ho” is “always bangin” in “da hood”, I am more than likely partaking in some sort of scandalous activity that could be classified as illegal. I am going to also assume this definition was based off of this situation specifically. I’m positive that my roommate is familiar with this video as well, propelling the thought that he deemed me as a threat or a potential catalyst to higher forms of mischief.
Shitty jokes are always bound to creep up on everyone, but the SHITTIEST of those jokes can make you question a person’s character. If we weren’t already roommates, would he actually think of me as so? It is a wild guess, I agree; in the times that we live now, having a poor choice of words may be one of the last things you would want to be known for. We all have to grow up eventually, and “Freedom of Speech” aside, reaching for the sake livening up the mood can more often than not kill it.

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