Biking, in Naturalist terms

When looking to get away or decompress from technology as a whole, I ride my bike. After getting it fixed from after being trapped in my mom’s shed for months, I found myself captivated by an activity so naturalist-esque; I did not mind the soreness of my legs and thighs because I forgot to stretch and brace for the burn my body was bound to endure. It was more than just observing the tightness as I walked back into the house, more-so an accomplishment of experiencing the outdoor life in what I thought was more natural than perceiving it as a reason to expand my principles.

Throughout his career as a writer, it seemed as David Thoreau was perceived at times crazy for everything he’s written while he was walking the Earth.  In his book Walden, he mentions his desires to “live deliberately” while at the same time die to discover he “had not lived”.  Karl Marx concludes that he Thoreau has found “meanings and values”, I find it hard to determine so. When delving into the passage, I believe he was really a man with a knack for gazing at animals simply be animals; in most of his writings, he is often found wandering about in the forest, lost in the middle of nature. I considered David Thoreau a true naturalist with no sorts of “wider views” from the universe, but it looks more-so as an old wanderer.

How can a naturalist turn around and look for the universe to show him signs? His so-called “meanings and values” inspired him to travel and soul search, making whatever “self-reliance” was left up to the universe to decide his fate. He uses religious terms such as “desperation” and “lack of hope” to describe the troubles of American Life. Thoreau’s view on life can be compared to those of an old man reminiscing in the forest, but to find religious sanctuary in the forest can be assumed ridiculous. His analogies are considered to have meaning and values according to Karl Marx, but with no literal physical evidence to back off of it had to take his word as certain. Can it be safe to assume he used the Transcendentalist Movement as a means to find youth in his old bones?

I define a naturalist as an individual who finds virtue in nature itself, without looking for deep spiritual meaning and guidance within the plants and animals that are found along the way. The more I find more spiritual connections in Thoreau’s writings, the more I am convinced he looks for the divine when goes for his trails. He looks for identity spiritually through the observing of various things he finds in the forest, and as a result, I find it impossible to agree with Marx. There might be more than I do not fully comprehend since the only times I experience nature is when I ride my bike through the neighborhood, still looking to feel some connections and vibrations by means of getting closer to God do not push the pedals.


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