The Bigger Picture

Alfred Hitchcock was a known artist by means of film and themes, respectively. He is considered an icon among many filmmakers during his time, and he regarded as the same since his passing. What he was able to create theatrically was reflected in every scene, even at some point inspiring or foreshadowing movies within movies that were often missed by the viewer. Alfred Hitchcock’s theatrical genius is unheralded, and he strived for nothing but quality within his creative process which followed with originality.  To replicate his craft is impossible in this day and age, and he dared to go where any director doesn’t think of going.

As the film Rear Window began to wind to a close, you find the more people and couples different from how they had started. The newly wed married couple had begun to have problems, while you find Miss Lonelyhearts and the Composer together listening to music. As the camera pans over to Miss Torso, she welcomes in her spouse who had gone away in the Army. These relationships reflect off of the main protagonists and antagonists relationships, as the one couple are trying to make it work long-distance wise, the other struggling to find some sort of common ground. It gives off the impression not all couples are going to work out well, and some couples take the whole film to develop. We find Lisa putting down the book on the Himalayas and delving into a fashion magazine, leaving a possible cliffhanger. Are things about to go well for her and Jeff, are they going to get as rocky as the newlyweds across the way? Alfred Hitchcock does not hesitate in leaving more questions than answers as the movie closes.

I want to believe that Jeff and Lisa have grown closer to one anther following the events that occurred, but this only hopes of a mere viewer. They had their disagreements as well, and they were mentioned rather than talked about; by Lisa garnering more interest in the fashion magazine than the Himalayas brochure their fate is not sealed as a happy couple. Is it truly safe to say things will go as planned as far as finding a compromise between Jeff’s future plans and Lisa’s career arc? She brought up that he could step back from engaging in extreme sports photography and settle for fashion, but he muddles on the idea as a result. Could she be able to change his mind after risking her life? Could the power of love be able to change Jeff’s mind?

The tenants are displayed in specs of stages in a relationship; some might start off wonderful then crash burn, while some crash and burn then turn into a wild bird’s eye view of murder. Mr. Hitchock takes into account that he can play off of these tenants and have them mirror one another, for better or for worse. The outcomes are endless, and only spark a desire into wanting to see how everything plays out after the fact.



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