The Bigger Picture

Alfred Hitchcock was a known artist by means of film and themes, respectively. He is considered an icon among many filmmakers during his time, and he regarded as the same since his passing. What he was able to create theatrically was reflected in every scene, even at some point inspiring or foreshadowing movies within movies… Continue reading The Bigger Picture


Emojis, GIFs, and the fate of friendly conversation

  A couple of classes back, my Grammar and Linguistics Professor discussed how emojis are slowly becoming more prominent in big businesses as means to attract individuals to purchase their goods, as well as communicating casually among peers. Since Apple introduced the iPhone with this feature, the usefulness of not having to text out full… Continue reading Emojis, GIFs, and the fate of friendly conversation

Toss-Ups: blonde or blond?

  To present or create anything in an unconventional matter could be coined as game-changing to professional or aspiring individuals within the world of fine arts, especially in regard to music. Recording artists such as Prince and Andre Benjamin solidified their marks as few who have/had stayed true to their craft, and it reflects/has reflected… Continue reading Toss-Ups: blonde or blond?

of De Witt Williams, whom died in my alley

Since being introduced to her in my English Studies class, Gwendolyn Brooks has been a writer that whom poetry tells so much in the little words that are said. It can be hard for some to picture the imagery right off the bat; still, her storytelling captures reality for the typical African-American growing life. I… Continue reading of De Witt Williams, whom died in my alley

Reaching too far for chuckles

JUST A HEADS UP: If you are very word-sensitive, I doubt this will be of your liking.  Before the weekend came to a close, me and one of my roommates decided it was dope to film some stuff late/early in the night/morning around our black. Due to it being a spur-of-the-moment activity, let's just say… Continue reading Reaching too far for chuckles

An American Dream Deferred

It can be difficult to define the American Dream, for it can be interpreted in more ways than one. An example may be from the novel "Of Mice and Men", which involved two drifters and partners, George and Lennie, trying to gather enough funds via working place to place to eventually have land of their… Continue reading An American Dream Deferred